Welcome to the Drox-Network donation website!


Our most important payment method is Ideal, Paysafe and PayPal. if you want to pay with Ideal and Paysafe, use Paymentwall!

Question: How old do I have to be to buy a rank?

Answer: You must be 18+ to purchase a rank or have permission from one

parent / guardian.

Q: Can I perform a refund / refund?

A: No. Refunds are allowed, all donations are final. Strong refund or chargebacking will result in a ban and a dispute with PayPal will be settled against you. Please note that recovery is illegal.

Question: I accidentally purchased a rank for the wrong username.

A: If you have purchased an item for a wrong name, we can do a rank transfer as quickly as possible, but this may take a while. We will have to prove that it is you who purchased the item.

Question: Do I have to buy a rank?

A: Not at all! You are not forced to buy a rank, but this greatly helps the server, and allows us to offer you a greater experience. Whether that is more game modes, plug-ins, items. Buying a grade helps us stay alive, and this is greatly appreciated!

Question: Do you have problems upgrading your rank?

A: If you encounter problems upgrading your ranks, you can contact BlaZerCooper owner on the server or email: DroxNetworkmc@gmail.com


3x Drox Key

Lifetime DroxUltra

Lifetime Drox

1x Drox Key